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Since its incorporation in 2012 under Iranian Civil Aviation & ICAO Intl. Laws and Regulations has established itself as the Middle Eastern market leader in supplying independent Aircraft Continuing Airworthiness Management Services and to provide practical solutions for a safe flight everywhere. The Company “CAMO TECH. PARVAZ Co.“ is a company to provide the Total Aircraft Technical Administration, Monitoring And Review Of Airworthiness Directive Compliance On A Real Time Basis and Monitoring And Review Of Service Bulletin Compliance On A Real Time Basis & Monitoring Damage Assessment And Repair Certification And Ensure Damage Reports Updated.

We provide Continuing-Airworthiness-Management-Service based on “CAO IRI Part M & Related service activities for quality & safety & training standards under “CAO IRI Part 147 & 145” which offers services to Airlines & Clients & All other actors may applicant in aviation industry. We herein “CAMO TECH PARVAZ Co.” believe it is possible with a continuous & organized mechanism for both operational & technical operators of the fleet with a standard format based on consuming necessary directives. We Are Trying To Meet all the above mentioned with a constant monitoring & persistent control in a “Maintenance Repair Organization” broadly consisting of the following:


Engineering Services

including Assistance & Advisory in the Aircraft Repair Book compiling programs (AMP) and (MEL). Assistance & Advisory in AD / SB / SL checking and controls and other technical Manuals and Arraignments issued by the Manufacturer of the aircraft or other authorities to production and compile, issue and even develop the “Engineering Orders”. Production, Issue and Management of Line and Base Maintenance Work Packs and “Task Cards” In Accordance With the Approved Maintenance Program. Assistance & Advisory to classify and Production Of Aircraft Reliability Reports And The Chairing Of Periodic Reliability Review Meetings “Reliability Report – Engine Condition Trend Monitoring – FDR Reading & Analysis – QAR Reading & Analysis – Dent and Buckle Chart Development”. Codify the manufacturing processes to make simple tools & parts under part 145 permit ions. CAMO also provides engineering advisory services in the field of Correcting defects, supplying parts & materials needed.

Planning & Production Monitor & Control Services

Including assistance & advisory for all planning, drafting, issuing work orders, monitor, track and record all repairs and inspections; regular and irregular – Control Components as their “Hard Time & Life Time” – Controlling Time and Cycle of the aircraft and Engines, APU, Tracing parts on all types and variations of aircrafts – Monitor & Planning Management for Aircraft Maintenance – Controlling all “Carry Forward Items & Repetitive Defects” forecast the fleet necessary components and parts may require, before inspection. Assistance & Advisory in the “Airworthiness Review Certificate” beside ability to issuance and/or renewal of aircraft ARC for clients.

Additional Quality & Safety Services

Including preparation of all types and varieties of book and booklets; manuals, directives and multi-purpose regulations until to be certified by authorities . Prepare and Providing annual safety and quality certification programs. Hosting Of Operators’ Audits. Proceed regular audits to help clients and their “Service Providers” on reports, corrective actions, and follow-up to resolve discrepancies. Production of draft Aircraft Contracts also monitoring the agreements between Clients and their “Service Providers” along with supervising the implementation of both parties’ commitments real time. CAMO also provides Training management services to qualifying personnel. Assistance & Advisory in Risk Assessment, implications and effects of actions of Clients and their suppliers and even other stakeholders may include. Production of report for the client and The Management, Maintenance and Safekeeping of Aircraft Technical Records. Providing inspection at safety management and risk assessment processes.

Professional Aviation Training services

Including various areas of engineering, operations, marketing, quality and safety. Technical and operational basic trainings, Types of technical and operational ratings, and general educations applies. Train special personnel for technical, operational and commercial aviation industry related.

Design Organization

“CAMO TECH PARVAZ Co.” proving all related services include interior & exterior design solutions and maintenance to issue instructions for making changes in the field of avionics systems, electrical and aircraft cabin interior design, ensuring the continuation of the flight qualification for The Production, Development, Amendment, Control, Administration and Implementation of an Approved Aircraft Maintenance Program. Product issuance Service Bulletin, published books included technical and operational, including AMM, IPC, AFM, plus providing the Licensing Minor Change Approval, proceeding to approve supplemental type certificate (STC) of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Initial Airworthiness

Initial airworthiness determines whether an aircraft or new part is fit for entry into use.

Continuing Airworthiness

Continuing airworthiness management organisation is a civil aviation organization authorized to schedule and control continuing airworthiness activities on aircraft and parts thereof.


Consulting is an aviation and management consulting company dedicated to assist international clients from the aviation sector.


The overall purpose of primary and intermediate flight training is the acquisition and honing of basic airmanship skills.

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