Continuing Airworthiness

  • Control and update modifications list.
  • Preparation of aircraft Weighting report
  • Maintenance checks Kit / Tool Provisioning
  • Condition monitoring and Reliability Program reporting
  • Line maintenance and Pre-Flight Checklists development
  • Preparation of repair order for engines, landing gears and other major components.
  • Development of Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP) including aircraft, Engines & component maintenance tasks.
  • Preparation of Engineering Orders (EO) for maintenance Inspection including tools & materials requirements.
  • Technical Services for Aircraft Avionics & Airframe systems / Engine / structures and continuous monitoring the aircraft dent & buckle chart
  • AD/SB evaluation, controlling and accomplishment monitoring. AMOC development and associated Risk assessment.


  • Continuing Airworthiness management organization initial set-up (Part-M.G)
  • Maintenance repair overhaul organization initial set-up (Part-145/ Part-M.F)
  • Customizing MEL IAW operators fleet and demands
    Aircraft Technical Log System services
  • Aircraft, engine, APU, landing gear evaluation for purchasing