Aviation and Aerospace Consulting

We supply the finest consulting services worldwide throughout the complete aircraft, its systems and components:


We are seasoned aviation consultants and executives who are globally recognized for thought leadership, quantitative analytics, and innovative solution development. Our principals have led hundreds of advisory engagements. Since we have no joint ventures, affiliations, or other business associations, clients trust us for independent, objective counsel.


Clients trust CAMOTech Parvaz Consultancy to deliver the objective, data-driven guidance and insight required to inform their business strategies, allocate capital, prioritize resources, and manage risk. Our client engagements span the aviation and aerospace value chain, including commercial, financial, and technical aspects. Typical projects include strategy and business plan development, operational performance improvement, and transaction support. Clients include airlines, manufacturers, MRO and aftermarket service providers, lessors, and the broader financial and investment community.


CAMOTech Parvaz Consultancy offers services to a global client base from offices in Tehran and Istanbul. Our extensive experience in both emerging and developed markets gives CAMOTech a broad perspective and a well-rounded understanding of the industry from a global, regional, and local perspective.