CAMO Tech Parvaz has been an independent CAO.IRI Part 21 subpart J approved design organization since 2014. It performs all functions in the scope of avionics, cabin, hydro-mechanical systems and structure under the IR.21J.12. CAMO Tech Parvaz has competent, experienced and creative specialists in design and production with particular expertise on all large airplanes. Design, production and installation of parts, 3D CAD modelling, providing technical drawings, production planning, test planning and performing are some of our services.

Avionic department of CAMO Tech design organization can do different avionic project base on experiences and expertise of its engineers

The Avionic projects included:

  • Navigation System
  • Communication System
  • Indicating, Alerting System
  • Recording System

Camo Tech Parvaz is the organizational leader in interior design completely customized. Thanks to our innovative design process, we are able to create everything you need, as you want. We are able to customize products to fit on every aircraft configurations. Our design process involves the Customer in each step, starting from the creation of 3D Virtual Cabin Layout.

We are combining the traditional handmade experience and a modern industrialized process, makes comfort available to all and delivers customized products at affordable costs.

Camo Tech is able to refurbish seats and interiors of old aircraft to make aesthetically pleasing interior.

The hydro-mechanical system is one of the most critical systems with high consumable part numbers and a high failure rate. MROs and airlines need easy and quick access to these parts. Our company specializes in manufacturing brake and steering sub-systems and sub-parts to meet the requirements of airlines and MROs. We plan to manufacture the following systems in the near future, as well:

  • Landing gear systems
  • Hydraulics/Pneumatics systems
  • Fuselage doors
  • Flight controls
  • Ram air turbine
  • Hoist systems / Cargo hook

Camo Tech can help with out of limit damage to aircraft structure. Some of the work we do includes:

  • Aircraft fuselage repairs
  • Fatigue analysis and damage tolerance
  • On wing repairs to thrust reverser skin and nacelles

We can provide help in structural damage situation. We have experienced designers that can handle the repair design process until aircraft is ready to fly again.